A Day Without Soap


If we are being completely honest we have to admit this simple truth – there are days when we get up and don’t take a shower. Maybe the alarm didn’t go off, or we are just feeling lazy. We might tell ourselves that we aren’t that bad, or that we will take one later in the day. Whatever our rationale, there are times we just choose to be dirty. The (very few) days I have missed a shower in the morning are usually not good. I feel gross and out of routine. I’m uncomfortable and even a little disoriented. This is the power of soap and a shower, and I need one every day to function at my best.

Another thing I must do every morning to function at my best is spend time reading the Bible and praying. The method I use every day is called S.O.A.P., which stand for scripture, observation, application, and prayer. For a great explanation of S.O.A.P. check out this blog – The Best Way to Grow Closer to God. In the same way that my day is shot without showering, if I don’t spend time in God’s word and prayer everything just seems off.

A day without S.O.A.P. is like a day without soap – stinky and uncomfortable.

Just as important as the soap you use on your body every morning is the S.O.A.P. you use on your spirit. If It isn’t built into your every day routine in the same way a shower is, I would encourage you to start today. It’s a habit that has the power to transform your days and revolutionize how you hear from God.

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