Make a difference for people in need!


Socks. Some like them flashy. Some like them simple. But whether you like your socks long or short, colorful or white, warm or cool, we all need them.

Did you know that socks are one of the most needed items at homeless shelters and clothing banks? If you’ve ever had a hole in a sock, you know they can wear out quickly – especially if you only have one pair. For people without a lot of resources like the homeless and materially poor, socks can be an overlooked item that are worn until they are worn out.


Together we can change that for people in our community through Sock Summer.


Every Sunday throughout the summer of 2021 we will have bins in the lobby of Compass for the donation of new socks to supply our local homeless shelters and social services. We welcome all sizes and styles as long as they have not been worn before.  Whether they are for tiny toes or huge feet, every pair of socks will make a difference.

We encourage you to pick up one or more packages of socks to give every week. You can spread it out over the summer or make one big buy. Shop at local stores, search for the best deals online, or just give to help make the purchase. However you choose to get involved, just get involved.

Something as simple as a pair of socks can show someone in need that there are people in their community who care about them. Let’s love our neighbors by loving their feet!