Hi, we’re Compass!

Take a minute and learn a bit about us.

Our Mission

…is to make God accessible to everyone.

We know that there are people who don’t think they have access to God, and that sometimes everybody needs a nudge in the right direction. Here at Compass, we are all about connecting people to God through Jesus. We want to help you realize how completely He loves you, and as a result, live the best life you could ever live.

Our Values

…shape our culture.

Church should be fun.

Serious, somber, boring – these are words likely used in our culture to describe the church, but because the joy of the Lord is our strength, we think every service, event, and ministry should be fun.

We reproduce at every level.

At every level of ministry, and step in our relationship with Jesus, we reproduce what God is doing into the lives of others.

We live open handed.

When we have something of value we tend to hold on to it very tightly to keep from losing it, but God’s plan for resourcing us is the opposite: to have something you must be willing to let it go. It seems counter intuitive, but when we live open handed with the resources God has given us it has the power to change our finances, our priorities, our lives, and our world.

We grow grapes, not pineapples.

Pineapples are a solitary fruit; as they grow you only get one fruit per plant. They grow single and alone. That is not how God designed us to grow spiritually. We were designed to grow like grapes, connected to each other in multiple bunches per vine. Our ability to grow spiritually as individuals is directly tied to how we grow together.

There is no Plan B.

There are things in your life that only you can do, responsibilities at work and home that only you are authorized or equipped to make happen. You are Plan A, and if you don’t come through no one else will. God has given us as the church the task of connecting people to Jesus, and it’s a job that only we can do. The church is God’s Plan A.

New to Compass?

We are so glad you’re here.